Boxfed was born in Wichita, KS. He started his creative endeavors at a young age directing short films and writing music. After graduating college with a degree in business he decided he didn’t want to get a job in the business world and moved to Las Vegas. He started DJing and producing music. He’s  produced different styles of music from Alternative Rock to Rap, but what Boxfed is most known for is his Electronic Music which falls in many categories from Progressive House to Techno. Boxfed found some success in the Techno genre but claims he is more broad in his creations. “I want people to get an adrenaline rush when they listen to my music, I want to give them house music with balls” he explains. While in Las Vegas not only did he create music but he also directed music videos, short films, and honed in on his skills of photography getting nationally published multiple times. He also opened up a studio where he did video, photography, and music. After creating music projects in his Las Vegas studio and getting  signed by multiple record companies (6N7 Music, Amp Label, EML Recordings) for “single” releases he decided it was time to move to Los Angeles. Once in Los Angeles he got connected with some known social influencers. He directed projects for Amazon, Nintendo, Pepsi, and Lionsgate using social influencers such as Josh Peck, Brittany Furlan, Keegan Allen, etc. “I like the art of creating videos in social media because you have a short time to captivate or entertain your audience. Everyone’s attention span has shortened therefore there is an art to social media.”, he explained.

While in Las Vegas Boxfed had struggled with making his music sound how he wanted it to. “It didn’t sound as big and powerful as I wanted it to.” he explained. Hoping for the best, he went from studio to studio in Los Angeles hoping to get the sound he had imagined. He spent a lot of money and was unsuccessful. After a conversation on Twitter with Deadmau5, Deadmau5 suggested the professional audio piece of equipment called the Rupert Neve Master Bus Processor. Shortly thereafter the Neve Company contacted Boxfed to demo the equipment and do some videos. Boxfed did many videos for the company over the Processor and was astounded by how it made the music sound. “It sounded how I had imagined it in my head”. After opening up a studio in Downtown Los Angeles he started to compile professional audio equipment that would make his music sound great. He released music in the latter half of 2016 and has planned 30-50 releases in 2017. He is also scheduled to go on tour in 2017.